Best knitting dvd?

I am trying to find a good knitting DVD the goes beyond the basics of knit/ purl, Increase/ decrease & fixing mistakes. I amready have the art of knitting but looking for something else. Any suggestions?
Thanks for reading!

The Knitter’s Review just reviewed these two DVDs from Lucy Neatby. I’m thinking about getting the second one for its section on steeking.

Buy Amy’s. Then you can look through all the patterns on the net and when something stumps you, pop in Amy’s CDs and off you go. Best knitting money I’ve spent.

I use amy’s videos all the time too.

I, too, love, love Amy’s videos, I have 2 versions on cd rom…priceless :cheering:

I think that Lucy Neatby’s Knitting Essentials 2 is going to have a lot of what you are looking for, I’m going to order this one, myself. It covers steeks! You know, everything you need to know about steeks but are afraid to ask! And many other things, sounds like it’s well worth the $29 to me!

:shock: you mean like “what in the name of all that is Holy would ever possess you to cut up your work like that?!” :thud:

I’ve wondered that too. i would be SO afraid of the whole thing unraveling at the mose embarrassing time.

What in the name of Debbie Bliss is Steeking? :shrug:

I really, really enjoyed the Philosophers Wool DVD … you just have to ignore the sillyness of the models, but the fair isle is amazing!

It covers steeking as well. Steeking is where you knit a sweater in the round, then “steek” the middle, cut it in half and make a cardigan. VERY scary. Our knitting group plan on drinking a few glasses of wine after we do our cutting. LOL

Amy’s working on a DVD, but she hasn’t finished it yet. What she does have out is a CD of this website… just FYI.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am looking forward to Amy’s dvd :happydance: