Best increase to use in sleeves?

I’m knitting a raglan sweater for DS (my first sweater!!), and I’m working on the sleeves. I’m a little confused about the directions, though - it just says to increase on each side every 4th row, but doesn’t say what kind of increase to use. A yarn over would leave a hole in the fabric, right? Are there other, better increase methods to use instead?

Here is an excerpt from the pattern:
With smaller needles cast on 20 sts.
Work in k1, p1 rib for 2"
Change to larger needles and working in St st, inc 1 st each side every 4th row 6 times, 32 sts.


Check under the basic techniques section of this website; it has descriptions and pictures of every increase under the sun. Hopefully you can find the one which is right for you.

Good luck!

I think kfb (knit front and back or bar increase) is the most common for raglans. Many people use M1 (don’t forget to twist the stitch), and I like KLL/KLR - it gives an interesting look on raglans.


This probably won’t help you much if you’re not knitting with two strands, but I just “discovered” this one (probably everyone else who has ever knit with doubled yarn has discovered it as well): I just knit once into each of the strands at the increase site. It’s a very neat increase.