Best Hubby in the WORLD

Yes, I must brag on my :heart: sweet :heart: :inlove: MAN :inlove: yet again :wink: . He is just that, so sweet! Okay, everyone knows that I’m knitting matching accessories, well, I was practicing with doing 2 small diameter objects on 2 circs for the gloves to match my clapotis bc I only have 1 set of size 8dpns, which is what I’m using…and I always knit these things in tandem. Well, we were talking yesterday & @ some point I said that I wished I bought 2 sets of size 8dpns so very long ago when I got these, but that I was learning the 2 circ method, it was just going to take longer bc I wasn’t used to it yet, but that was cool…then conversations continue through out the day & evening. :inlove: Lonnie :inlove: gets his mom every Sat morning for them to have ‘their time’ together & she spends the weekend with us…well, when they got home he hands me a set of size 8 dpns :inlove: :heart: :inlove:
AND, my sweet MIL gave me the new Chocolate Factory (correct name?) movie for my upcoming bday :smiley:
I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful family & friends :wink:

Lucky, lucky, you. Again. You didn’t even have to drop a hint! Some of us would have to staple a note to his forehead!

And don’t forget the picture that would have to be attached to said note!..with the name and address of the LYS… :rofling:

I am just floored that he knows what he’s looking for when he walks into an LYS/craft store!! GOOD GOOD Lonnie!! :heart:

That’s because he’s actually BEEN in one! :roflhard:

How sweet!! I have to write down everything thats on the pkg for JD and then hope he comes back with the right things LOL…

I have to do that for grocery shopping, too. “8th Continent Fat Free Vanilla Soy Milk in the Yellow bottle” LOL

Congrats on the needles and Movie! :cheering:

That is EXACTLY what my first thought was!!!

That is just SOOOOO Sweet! You have a keeper there! :heart:

I can just imagine the look on my dbf’s face as he walked into a craft store. :lol: It would be much like this: :shock: And then he would quickly turn around and walk out.

I have to do that for grocery shopping, too. “8th Continent Fat Free Vanilla Soy Milk in the Yellow bottle” LOL

Congrats on the needles and Movie! :cheering:[/quote]

Lonnie does the grocery shopping, too :smiley: ! Well, it started several years ago with him taking his mom to the base to pick things up for her, then it turned into their time together & they look forward to doing it every week :smiley: ! I don’t even get to go :frowning: , bit that’s okay bc it’s Mom & son time together, which I think is very special!
He readily goes with me to LYS all over the place, not matter where we are vacationing, actually, when we were last out of town…he looked up the LYS online before I did!! I HAVE THE BESTEST :inlove: HUBBY :inlove: IN THE WORLD!!!..for me…you all have the best ones in the world for you, too, or u wouldn’t have them, now would ya :wink: !

Yeah, I have to do this with the grocery store, too. It’s gotten to the point where it’s simply quicker to head to the store than to write the whole darned list. :smiley: (And FORGET about him buying sanitary supplies!!! )

My incredibly supportive DH, when forced to enter the occasional craft store, assumes a “look”. You know the one. “I’d rather have gum surgery.” But ya gotta hand it to the guy - he hasn’t once complained about all the yarn and needles that I have. So he’s a keeper, too!

Congrats on your new pair of needles!


You’re sooooo lucky, Rebecca! Tell Lonnie we love him (if you haven’t already)!

I’m afraid to give mine my Christmas list of knitting goodies. I don’t know how detailed I’ll need to be, and goodness only knows what I’ll actually end up with. One point in his favor, though, bless him, is that he will buy the dreaded feminine products for me. “It must be love, love, love…” :smiley:

LOL, mine did buy the ‘femi products’ when needed…but hysterectomy took care of THAT :wink: ! He is a sweetie, indeed…I am very, very spoiled…of course, so is he :eyebrow:

Hubba hubba! :eyebrow:

[size=2]No wonder he gets you so much good stuff…[/size]

Might as well just submit the list to the LYS and have the nice ladies there simply do the shopping and take the credit card from him. :slight_smile:


DH will buy all the femi products I want…he thinks its like a bragging announcement that “he has a woman” :lol:

And, Alison…you are a DOULA and DH can’t bear femi-supplies??? How do you tell him about your day at work??? :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

That’s a really good question!

Lonnie rocks!!! Such a sweetie pie.

ah, that is soooo sweet!!!

Thanks everyone :smiley:


Girl, u just about made me wet my pants when I read that :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

Where do these spouses come from ?!?!? What are you feeding them?!?!?! aand why can’t I get one :rollseyes: