Best Friends wedding question

My best friend is engaged and planning her wedding for this summer…I love her to death and accept that she is kinda spacey sometimes. She has finally found a wedding/reception site that she really likes and it turns out it is only available 2 weekends this summer. The weekend she has booked will make her wedding anniversary the same as mine…should I point that out to her or just let it go? She was in my wedding and my anniversary is on her calander so I’m assuming she spaced while booking. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest if we have the same anniversary, but should I point it out to her in case she doesn’t want to have the same wedding date??

You could say something like “Won’t it be cool that we have the same anniversary?” That will open the discussion without her thinking that you object.

i totally agree with ingrid. she has a great way of bringing that up. Just make sure during your conversation with her that you make it clear that you are fine with it. Sometimes brides get very touchy and take things out of context. At least all the brides I’ve known!

I concur to what Ingrid said.

I guess I don’t understand why it would matter.

I agree with Ingrid too. There are certainly brides that want everything, absolutely everything to be different than others. And they don’t care there are only 365 days a year for a wedding (probably less, with holidays and everything). As long as you won’t go and tell her “Hey girl, why the h*ll did ya hafta to go and steal my wedding day, huh?!” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’d honestly just let it go. If she has your anniversary written on her calendar then I assume she knows, or will know the dates are the same. Could be she hasn’t mentioned it because she thinks you’d be upset she’s getting married on the same day. I say, if it doesn’t bother you, don’t let it bother you…lol…I know some brides can be uh, hmm, what’s a nice term to use…how about…weird…(my mom used to be a wedding florist, how she put up with it for so many years, I’ll never know :teehee:) when it comes to their weddings, but, if the date being the same is something that would bother her, then well, it’s really no fault of yours.

I agree with Ingrid, too. Most people wouldn’t mind, but some people are funny about stuff like that.

:roflhard: my friend is so spacey she doesn’t know the date of her own wedding !! Turns out my anniversay - the date she told me she was getting married is in the middle of the week and she specifically said she is getting married on Sat. HMMM now I have to call and ask when the wedding is to make sure I take the right time off.

:rofl: :rofl:

OK, sort of the same thing, sort of not…

I got married in May (and it will be 30 years this year - WOW!), and one of my best friends got married in August of the same year. When I got my wedding album from the photographer, I took it over for her to look at (besides her being in the wedding party, she had been pressured by her future in laws to hiring a friend of theirs to do the photography - yes, he was a “professional” photog - and she also wanted to see what kinds of things had been done with my pictures and see if there were certain shots/techniques that she wanted to have her photog use). She was going through the pictures, and when she got to the portrait one of me and hubby, she froze. I asked her what was wrong, and she said “Oh my God, I just realized I bought the same wedding dress as you. Do you mind?” I just laughed and said “no, why would I mind? I think it’s kind of cool - and shows how much we think alike and like the same things.”

I’ll have to admit, it took me aback - not at all freaked about about her having the same dress as me, but more the fact of “what are the odds of that happening”.