Best deal on yarn?

hi all

which website has the best deal on yarn price .i am looking at merino, or silk mixture type of yarn. i need to knit a sweater on a tight budget…thanks for your help

I always check at Knitpicks first! :cheering: :cheering:
There’s usually a link at the top of the page.


I second KnitPicks but if you want higher end yarn on a budget there’s always littleknits and webs.


You can try as well. If they have a yarn you can use, the deals are amazing. Or try smiley’s but they probably won’t have the fancy yarns.

I third Knitpicks! Just be sure to check yardage when comparing prices. (how many times have I forgotten to do that!! :wall: )

yes, good tip on comaring the yardage/gauge. There is lots of yarn now that comes in 100g skeins which is more $$$ but not necessarily more $$$ per 50g.

oh and I forgot to say that usually has some closeout “better quality” yarn.