Best cotton yarn for toddler's sweaters?

What cotton yarn would you recommend for baby/toddler sweater?

Anyone has experience with espirit?

Espirit is a cotton yarn with elastic, it is a very fine yarn. I have used it for chemo caps (they are comfy and stay on snugly). Not sure how it work work up into a sweater…

Not sure if you have it in the States, but I’ve just bought some Pattons 4 ply cotton today… so far it feels very nice, don’t know what the finished article’s going to be like though!

I used Elann Sonata for a baby dress and it turned out nicely. It’s not the softest in the world, but IMO it is soft enough for toddler wear.

If you’d be willing to use a cotton/acrylic blend, my absolute favourite yarn for kids knits is Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. It’s soft and washes beautifully.

You could also use KP Shine. It is very soft and has a slight glow. Ellie

I second the Cotton Ease from Lion Brand! Great stuff-it feels so nice! My Mom is knitting a Wonderful Wallaby for my DD (4yrs) in a pretty red in this yarn.

I haven’t used it myself, but I am told that Bernat Cottontots is good.