Best CO method for top down neckline?

Hello wise knitters, what is best cast-on method for a top down pullover sweater? I dislike tight, hard edges in a neckline. The pattern I am using is Jonna Rankin’s Audrey, a free download from Knitpicks, and the picture looks like it might be a bit of a tight edge

Thanks, am hoping to cast on right away!

Well… I use long tail for pretty much everything. If I want it looser I just use a large needle. If you knit very tight I’d go with two needle sizes larger, but you’ll have to be the judge how it looks.

I’ve tried a few others and I just don’t like the look, but that’s probably just me. :wink:

Thanks Jan, I ended up giving that a try, but got messed up with the small neckline on a long circ… not the fault of the CO method obviously. Realized after ripping out that when the pattern vaguely mentioned “magic loop” they meant it for the neckline not just the sleeves. I am not up on magic loop, I’m dpn woman. Nevertheless, I decided that the yarn I was using wasn’t right for the sweater anyway! So next try is with a different yarn and 2 circs, I think I can manage that :eyes:

One day I will update my signature. That blanket is a FO, and am currently working on my first-ever BSJ :blooby: for DS’s baby girl. Hope I am up to it. Lots more to knit, another grandson due end of August, and my youngest is having her first around New Year’s!! :woohoo:

You might try this one in 3x1 rib

I had a bit of a hard time with this cast on at first but now I love it.