Best Circular Needles?

I am getting ready to buy some circular needles either online or at my LYS. In your opinion, what are the best ones to buy? (Brands and types):woohoo:

Addi Turbo has been my long-time favorite, but I’d recommend the Options set from KnitPicks. They are comparable and much, much less expensive.

Definitely the KnitPicks Options. They’re available online from, so you won’t find them at your LYS, but it’ll be much cheaper in the long run to buy the whole set and you’ll like them much better than just about anything else out there. They’re ultra-smooth, with great tips, interchangeable length cables that don’t twist or kink, and for about $50 you get every length from 4 to 11 or 13, plus cables in various lengths. You can buy really long cables and extra large size needle tips to add on to your set, too, if you like.

if you like bamboos, i’d go with addi natura’s.

You could go to, In their coffeeshop forum(you have to register) Look under “Really Cool Knitting Tips” for a Sticky - Needle FAQ, A very long conversation about circular needles of all sorts. Mostly about Options vs Addis or Denise, but it addresses a lot of questions. I’m not sure if it answers any of them. People seemed to be evenly in favour of all of them. I think, however, Quickpicks Options came out ahead. But, thts just my opinion. Good luck and I hope you find just the right needles.

I’ve used bamboos, Addi turbos, Denise Interchangeables, and now have the KnitPicks Options. Addis are great, but I’m in love with my Options! It’s the sharper tips that make the difference. Hope you find what works for you.

It depends on what you like (not much help, I know! LOL)

I have lots of Addi turbos (my favorite! Naturally, since they’re the most expensive :shrug:); I also have the Denise Interchangeables and the Knitpicks Options, both of which I like. I like the KPO’s because they’re most similar to Addis. I like the Denise’s because you can make a shorter circ than with the Options; they are also good if I’m working on a project that I don’t want slippery needles for! Obviously bamboo interchangeables would be really great for thattoo-but I can’t justify owning yet another set of interchangeable circs :teehee:

I like the addis best because they are not as pointy as the KPO’s and Denise’s. I tend to use my finger tip to push stitches off and it gets sore with their really pointy tips. On the other hand, pointy tips come in handy sometimes…:shrug:

I hope that’s helped you get at least a little closer to your decision. Good luck!

I’d agree with everyone in that you can’t go wrong with Addi’s or Kp Options. If you don’t have a lot of needles already, than you may want to look at the costs benefit of the Options. You’ll get more “bang for you buck” (so to speak)


I haven’t tried the Options but love the Addis. I said I hated circular until I tried Addi. Now I love it.

KP Options all the way. They’re the total package AND affordable. Like a knitter’s dream.

My favorites are KP Options, Susan Bates Quicksilvers (nice pointy tips!) and clover bamboo.

I use the Options the most but I just bought some really slippery rayon that will be knitted on the bamboo’s.

I’ve been knitting with bamboo and finally broke down and got the KnitPicks Options Kit. Two days ago I finally moved my current project onto the KP options circs and I really can’t believe how great they really are. I knew everyone was raving for a reason, but I was still surprised at how they have speeded up my knitting and now there are no more catches on the cable/needle connector! Another hearty vote for the KnitPicks Options kit, it really is as great as everyone says.:happydance:

If at all possible, try before you buy. My LYS has spare yarn and needles so you can knit a while and try out different needles.

I tried the Addi needles and I felt out of control! My fingers couldn’t seem to hold on and the yarn flew right off the needles. However, I can certainly see how this could make your knitting go faster, once you got comfortable with the needles.

Then I tried the Denise needles and those are a good fit for me. The needles are light but the plastic (or whatever the needles are made out of) has a little more ‘grab’ than the Addi needles, which I like.

So it really is just personal preference.

I loooove my KP Options. I was really debating buying them back in the winter since I had only been knitting for about 6 months and wasn’t sure I wanted to make the investment, but I’m so glad I did. They’re nice and pointy and like Silver said, its the total package. You’ll have almost every size you’ll need.

I have the Boye Needlemaster Set. I know it´s not the most loved set, but I really can´t complain. I have read a lot of bad reviews, (the points get unscrewed, the yarn gets stuck on the joint) but I´ve never had those problems. So my personal and humble opinion is to go with the Boye Neddlemaster.

i’ve bought exactly two pair… boye and bates (i went with what my LYS and Wm had).

boye: cable kept twisting up on me and i actually cut my finger on the tip of one.

bates: yarn keeps snagging where the cable is attatched to the needle. the shape of it (it’s bent slightly downward) digs into my hand and the small size of the needles make my wrists hurt after a little bit.

Ohhhh I wish I was in your boat…just beginning to acquire needles!

OPTIONS, by far, are the best needle and the best PRICE!

Ohhh, the hundreds of dollars I woulda saved…:pout:

I’ve used Boye circs and bamboo. I much prefer the bamboo circs. What I don’t like about the Boye circs is that the needles are at an angle, which is very hard on my wrists. I have to hold the Boyes differently than I do the bamboo circs and it makes a difference. Plus the bamboo needles are lighter, which is also easier on my wrist, too.

The other thing I don’t like about the Boye circs I had is that the gold paint rubbed off as I was knitting and my project got dirty.

I have complete sets of 3 brands:

Inox (the coated kind)
Addi Turbos
KnitPicks Options.

My favorites have been the Addis, and then the Options, but to tell the truth, I’ve been liking the Inox a lot more lately.

But, to be honest, those are the best metal circulars you can buy. I don’t have much experience with bamboo, plastic, and wood, other than the fact that I don’t like them.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]So many of you have mentioned the KnitPicks Options, that I have a question…I just ordered the KnitPicks [U][COLOR=purple]fixed circulars[/COLOR][/U], in order to get ones small enough for socks, using the MagicLoop method [COLOR=magenta](I mean that I wanted U.S. sizes 1 and 2).[/COLOR] Have you who own the options [COLOR=magenta](which I think are the ones with the interchangeable tips?)[/COLOR] used the fixed circulars…[SIZE=5][COLOR=purple]if so, do you love them too?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]