Best circular needles for first buy?

Hi guys!

I thought I’d take the plunge and buy some form of circular needles. However, I am a poor student, so I want to only buy one pair for now. What would you say is the most common mm size, that I could make several projects with?

Also, what type of needles would you recommend for someone who’s new to circular needles, but not bad on straight ones? I already have a set of 4 6mm DNPs for cabling, and I would quite like to try Magic Loop, but I’m not sure if that would be too hard.


It depends really on what you prefer - I like my Hiya Hiya bamboo circulars, but also my nickel Options. If you want to try magic loop then buy a good brand and not something cheap as the cable is likely to be stiffer.

Maybe buy a pair of Addy lace circs or chiogoo needles both have nice cables, they are a little pricy but worth it

If cost is a factor you can’t go wrong with either Knitpicks or Knitter’s Pride interchangeable sets. Both have wood or nickel plated. I have both…the Knitpicks Options in nickel plated and Knitter’s Pride Dreamz in wood and they are what I use 99% of the time.

The sets come with 24 and 32 inch cables and needle sizes 4-11 on most sets. I would also add a separate 40" cable to the set as it’s only a few $. All that should cover most of what you want to knit. Socks do use smaller needles so you’d have to buy a few smaller needles or use your DPN.