Best Christmas Gift EVER!

I just have to post about my favorite gift!

My wonderful parents got me the big green lion brand knitting bag for Christmas!

I had been wanting something with some nice pockets and a pattern pocket and this is just what i needed! I absolutely LOVE it!

and of course i know that Christmas is not about getting gifts and it is about spending time with loved ones, but i’m still really happy about my bag! :slight_smile:

Parents are so good at figuring out the best presents. Enjoy!

Sounds great! :thumbsup:

Cool. :happydance:

:yay: :woohoo: :woot: :happydance:

How’s that for celebration! Congrats on your new knitting bag.

I bought a Jordana Paige Crafter’s Tool Butler for myself for Christmas, and I’m happy with it. My knitting tools are finally stashed away neatly and out of the plastic bags they’ve been living in forever.

In the process of researching locations to buy this case, I also discovered a fairly new yarn store in Abilene, TX: Yarnies. A knitting friend and I went and felt off all their yarn the other day–and I bought the Butler. I didn’t have time to talk to any of the knitters there or the store owners; they were busy and so were we. Maybe next time!

Enjoy your bag!

Sounds wonderful - can you please post a picture?