Best Chicken Recipe?


I make balsamic chicken and serve over angel hair pasta with diced tomatoes and basil to garnish. I take equal parts balsamic vinegar, EVOO, and sugar and blend well. Meanwhile, brown chicken coated in herb and garlic seasoned salt in skillet. Then pour enough of vinegar mixture to cover chicken. Add a can of italian diced tomatoes. Simmer until mixture reduces by half and has thickened. Prepare angel hair pasta according box instructions. Place cooked pasta on platter. Put chiken and sauce over top. Garnish with more diced tomatoes and basil.


my version of “Sunday Chicken” from the I Hate to Cook Book

Chicken, cooked or not
Med Sweet onion
some granny smith apples
Curry Powder
Cream of ___ Soup
Bag of Frozen Mixed veggies, your choce

sautee Onions in butter and curry powder
add peeled cored sliced apples, and coat with butter
simmer till flavors mixed well
If chicken is not cooked add while flavors are mixing till cooked
If Chicken is leftover, put in baking dish then pour Frozen veggies in baking dish
pour Cream of soup into simmering flavors, mix with enough milk to make the sauce the right consistency, while adding as much zip and curry powder as needed for taste
then pour over the veggies and bake for about 30 min

IF you have a steamer, put a red zinger tea instead of just water when you cook your rice.

Most people love this once they try it


So a Quarter of a Cup of Sugar, a Quarter of a Cup of Balsalmic Vinegar, and a Quarter of a Cup of Olive oil

I rarely use sugar in cooking entrees, so i want to be sure



O.k. try this…I always( of course wash off inside and out) pat dry, then salt and butter inside the cavity and outside all the skin (kinda give it a good rub-down) then under all the skin (breast, legs etc) I always shove fresh garlic under with more butter. cram some garlic, onion pieces and seasonings in the cavity…I always use carrotts and celery to hike the little guy up ( cause I am too cheap to buy a fancy rack) put some chicken or veg broth around him, bake at a very low heat ( 335) for a few hours, remove the lid and let brown…da da there ya go…works everytime for me (PS- always grosses me out to cook em that way but it’s worth the praise afterwords) Turkeys too:ick:


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There are some great recipes here, it almost makes me want to go to the kitchen and cook—almost.


Try roasting your chicken breast side down. The juice from the legs and thighs will run down into the breast. Turn over for the last 15 minutes to brown breast skin.

I’ve seen a number of recipes in other threads, there needs to be a separate thread “KnittingHelp Cook Book”

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I’m having Oven Fry chicken tonight… it’s like Shake and Bake, but better!!!


This is a recipe my mother used to fiv:
Take one chicken , cut into pieces. Place a casserole dish on table and place 2cups of rice in the dish. Place chicken on top of rice, sprinkle the contents of a dry onion soup packet over the chicken and the rice. Then take one can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of waterpour over the chicken and rice. Rinse the can of soup out and use the rinsing water as the can of water.
Place in a hot oven aat 350 degrees and cook for 1 hour.

After you pour the water in , stir it around so the liquid gets down in the rice.


cellophane noodles (optional and not included in points)

Where do you find cellophane noodles and what are they made of?


You can find them in the asian food aisle of the grocery store or in an asian market. They can be rice noodles, or mung bean noodles. Sometimes, they are made of another type of starch. You don’t boil them like pasta. You pour boiling water over them and let them soak until softened. Then drain them and toss them into your stir-fry (or whatever.)

Hiroshima Plant


I usually use this simple recipe How To Boil Chicken Breast and add some cheese and vegetables I have in a fridge. Easy, quick and healthy!


This is the best way to cook chicken in my opinion, the result is juicy and soft Bone In Chicken Breast Sous Vide

And I agree, let’s have separate topic about recipes! :blush:



I love chicken wings, I used Sriracha sauce and honey to add some flavor and it is delicious.