Best cast on method when mid project

I have been working on a little babies sweater for one of the boys teddies and I have to cast off at differnet points and then cast on again, but when I try to do it with the long tail cast on method as shown on this site I get this loose loop between the cast on stitch and the knit/purl stitch. Am I doing something wrong? Or should I be using a differnt cast on method?

Try the single tail (or backwards loop) cast on! That should work for you. :thumbsup:

Whenevr I have to cast on mid-project I use knitting on (video here)

thankies :muah: will try those both tomorrow if I get a chance to knit (my youngest has conjunctivitis :pout: hes not a happy chappy poor little fella)

Cable cast on for me.

I use backward loop, but I have an extra little trick. Backward loop can be kinda loose where you start casting on and where you finish casting on, so what I do is cast on one extra stitch on EACH end of my cast on section. So for example if I’m supposed to cast on 4, instead I cast on 6. Then on the next row, I knit (or purl, whatever the case may be) the first regular stitch together with the first backward loop stitch on either end of that section. It it great for tightening up those joins and making them much less noticeable AND easier to pick up stitches from later if that’s what you need to do. :happydance: