Best cast on method for working in the round


Hi. As per the pattern instructions, I used the long tail method to cast on my stitches. The long tail cast on is typically counted as the first knit/foundation row. Therefore, when joining in the round, the right side/facing cast on edge becomes a purl-appearing row (ie the smooth/finished edge is not on the outside of the work). I actually cut the yarn and re-joined to avoid this but was wondering if there is a better cast on method for working on circular needles or if I’m missing something! Thanks for any assistance!


Hmm… I never saw the edge as a problem even in stockinette. What are you knitting?


I usually don’t mind but you can cast on purlwise.


Thanks. I should have thought of casting on purlwise and I appreciate the link. I ended up ripping out four hours of knitting because I kept going back and forth on whether or not the bumpy cast on edge bothered me or not!


I was never taught that the cast on row (foundation) is considered the first row.
I do not count the foundation row as the first row. After you cast on you then knit your first row or do as directions call for,it would otherwise be called row two.
Hope this helps.


Some patterns count it as the first row and some don’t. Personally I don’t think it matters that much. I just follow the pattern.


Since that’s how i was taught, I was casting on knitwise before connecting in the round for a while before I ever realized there could be any other way to do it. I even kinda like the definition of the little bumps along the edge. But of course knowing how to cast on in both directions means you can even cast on in pattern for ribbing if you care to…


I actually teach all my students that for knitting in the round to always use a knitted cast on, it keeps the “bumps” behind the work, so there is less confusion when learning to count rows later.