Best Cast on Method for Shadow(Rowan sweater)

I am going to knit Shadow from the Rowan Calmer book
(clearly, I must have heat stroke!). It has kind of a scallopy pointed bottom edge, and that’s where the pattern starts. What kind of cast on should I do? If it matters, the first 4 rows are Purl. Sally

Doesn’t the pattern explain how to CO?

There are no instructions for cast on method that I can see…Just says to cast on 137 sts using size 6 needles.

suzeeq… Here I’ve rarely seen patterns require a specific cast on. You’re just told to CO! I would look through Amy’s cast ons sjr and see which one you believe suits. You probably wouldn’t use something that is going to be stretchy as some of the co’s are intended to be. If you have a favourite now perhaps try that as it doesn’t seem to appear that any one CO method is seen as vital.

Sometimes if there’s a special edging, like a picot, there will be instructions for casting on. In this case, just use the one that’s easiest to you, or looks best. The scalloping comes from the pattern stitch itself, which won’t appear until after the purl rows and a few of the patter rows, so that’s why no specific CO method was advised.