Best Cast On for Circular

I want to make this hat, Flapper Cloche, and it will be my first knitting project (I do crochet, though).

I’m not sure what the best cast on method is and if I use the long-tail method, how much yarn do I pull out to use?


Thanks for your help!

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oh my… I didn’t look at the pattern but i did see in the link that it is the flapper hat. I use the regular long tail cast on but i must say that no matter how much you think you should pull, you should probalby pull more! The first time i made it i had to recast on because i ran out of yarn (i made it bigger than the pattern suggested too) It’s a cute quick hat but the cast on is a weee bit of a PITA.

and just cuz i think it is cute… here’s my first flapper :wink:

the hat is about 20 inches wide (so normally you’d need 3X20 (or 60 inches) min.

but it has a ruffle (which is at least double (from a quick glance at cast on number 3 times!) as wide as hat… or 60 inches X3=180 inches for tail!

1 yard/meter is 36inches/40 meters
2 yards/meters 72/80
3 yards 108/120
4 yards 144/160
5 yards 180/200–so 5+ a bit yards (or 5 meters)

truthfully… though with thick yarn… its hard to plan.

i would use a 2 ball long tail cast on method.

[color=darkblue]tie 2 strands (each from 1 ball together (leave 6 inch or so tail)) together into slip knot.

make cast on using 1 ball for thumb, the other for index finger.

remove from needle before joining.
cut thumb thread after you have finished casting on. continue to knit with index yarn. (weave in extra tail with finishing.)[/color]

Another method to calculate is to allow 1/2" for every stitch, then another 6 inches. This CO is 224 sts so use about 118" or a bit over 3 yards.


Another trick is to cast on 10 stitches, pull the needle out and undo the cast on to see how much yarn you used, then for your caston pull 23 times that amount and a little bit extra (about 6"). This should be enough for 230 stitches which is a few more than you need.


These are all great ideas! I went ahead with using two balls of yarn (as my second try…my first with getting 3 yards of yarn didn’t get me enough yarn…dang!).

It’s going well and the only problem I see right now is that the stitches are too loose where I joined. I’ve managed to pull the yarn through to get it a little more evened out so I think that’s going to work out fine.

Thanks for your help! It’s fun to learn something new! (and I’d have gotten much more done today if my 1 yo son would have taken any kind of a nap!)

Ahhh, loose joining stitches… there’s a couple tricks for that too. :teehee:

a. Cast on one extra, and knit it together with the first stitch.

b. Slip the first CO stitch to the right needle and the last one to the left (crossing one over the other) and knit them like that.


c. cast on one extra and knit last and first stitch of round together.

d. use tail yarn and real yarn to knit first 2 stitches of round, (this can be a bit stiffer, and noticable)

e. practice. (but i sometimes uses SuzeeQ’s a and b (and my c and d!) after 45 years of knitting!)

I often use b and d (hee hee), but for b they are not just crossing over, one stitch is slipped through/over the other. The knit EXTRA tight with both tails, if I won’t be wanting the tail.
Also, if you knit the first few stitches with a smaller DPN, the join won’t stand out so bad - but for me switch first and last, pull extra tight works great.
Knitting in the round shouldn’t really affect your choice of cast-on, it depends on lots of things, for most people I guess that would include appearance, stretchiness, ease of casting and working, wear, etc. I can’t think of any case where round vs. flat would matter except that only one side would be visible.

Uhhhh… your c and my a are the same. But practice is good too.


Yeah, that’s what I meant… crossed through each other.


I think I’ve seen the switching technique (technique “b”? :teehee: ) before but I couldn’t remember it so I just plugged along like I had good sense!

The hat’s coming along really well and I can’t wait to finish it. I’m so excited about actually finishing a knit project. I started teaching myself a few months ago. My grandmother taught me how to crochet but for some reason her knitting lessons never stuck. I’ve started several scarves but I just couldn’t get into them. This hat is going to be adorable (but I hope that it’s not as big as it looks right now…I was too ready to start to do a swatch!).

Thank you so much for all the suggestions and help. I will definitely be back!!!