Best Cast On during work

I am prereading a pattern for toe up booties. It starts with Magic Cast On of 4 sts (2 on each needle). Round 2 reads as "CO 2 sts (1 st on each needle), k2, (first st to be knit is new CO st), p1, k1; CO 2 st (1st on each needle), k2, p1, k2. [ending with 10 sts]. The next several rows are progressively increased in the same manner.
My question is, what cast on would be best for Round 2 & beyond? Verbal description are appreciated but if you are able, please reference a video. Thanks so much!

What pattern is this from? Casting on in the middle of working in the round is something new to me. I’m sure you’ll get a good answer - I want to see what it is too!

A knit front and back would work here since it’s only one stitch on each needle (not really a cast on). It’s not exactly like the video which increases at each end of the needle but close.

Hi GG,
Using Magic Cast On you use a circular needle but work the stitches split separately to the tips as in dual needles. It sounds weird but I’ve hear from several people that they’ll never go back to dpn for working socks in the round. See this site for the modified pattern that I’m attempting for newborn - 3 month size updated pattern on 10/2011 Ravelry here:
Try here: Look at the bottom of the page & click on “This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download”.
Thanks for helping

Hello Salmonmac,
I have seen videos to start Magic Cast on & it seems once I get started it will be very workable. In reading instructions for rounds (2 - 5) cast on directions aren’t specific. Each additional round adds consistently more cast ons each until there are 54 (27 each needle).
Could you add detail to “knit front & back”?
If needed, see pattern variation website in the response I offered GrumpyGramma. Thanks!

Ah, thanks for the link. I have these socks in my Ravelry favorites.
The original knitty article has diirections for a Turkish cast on for the increases later in the pattern. That should work nicely.
If that works easily for the single cast on sts, go ahead and use it. There is for knit front and back in case you need it in future at the top of the forum page under Free videos, Increases.

Once you get the hang of it I think you’ll love JMCO. It’s what I use for starting my two at a time toe up socks and other things on magic loop. I never got up and running with dpn, they present too many moving parts and I was forever dropping one. I can use them in a pinch now but certainly they aren’t my first choice.

My instinct tells me there should be an easier way to add stitches for this pattern but I’d have to play with it and even still might have admit de-feet. GROAN :roll_eyes:

I guess I need to start from the beginning instead of working backwards! I downloaded everything I could find related to the project. I guess I have study plans this evening.
Terrific, I’ll also check out the video for increases to have a backup plan or ideas for future options.
Thanks so very much!

I have a set of dpn, used once. I got used to them & they are a good skill, but I agree, too many moving parts! Ok in a pinch.
Thanks for lookin this over for me.