Best cast off method for 2x2 rib?

My first sweater is almost finished.

Can anyone recommend the neatest cast off method for the neckline? I’m leaning towards the kitchener stitch after separating the knit sts from the purl sts but I’m concerned about that narrowing the opening. :??

I’ve never heard of Kitchener Stitch for regular cast off on the edge. I always thought it was to join live stitches without a seam.

I usually cast off ribbing in pattern–knit the knits and purl the purls.

I’d do like Ingrid and BO in pattern. I consulted two knitting reference books and found the following: The Kitchener Stitch BO aka Tubular Bind Off aka Grafting BO can only be used for 1x1 ribbing. The Yarn Over BO is stretchy but can produce a ruffled, non-supported edge. The Sewn Bind Off uses a tapestry needle like the Tubular BO, and you control the tension; but I’ve never used it before and am not sure how clean an edge it produces… Again, I’d just BO in pattern. If you still aren’t satisfied with the result, you could look into a single crochet edge (?).

Thanks. It’s all done now. You were right, binding off in pattern was the way to go. :thumbsup: