Best blogging sites

Those of you that have blogs, what sites do you use to host them? i think i might like to start one but im not sure where is best, what looks funkiest, is user freindly etc etc …

Oh and any tips for succesfull blogging?

I used blogspot and I like how easy it is to do everything. As you can see, I even used it to do a blog and pic for my vacation so that family and friends could just look at it and I wouldn’t have to do emails with vacation pics over and over.

Blogspot is ok but assistance poor. I had to look and look for someone to tell me how to make 3 columns rather than two. When I found them they were fabulous!! but the actual blogspot support is poor. I suspect the person I found IS a blogspot person but simply helping people in their own time. I still use blogspot simply because it serves immediate needs. I would probably look for a different system in the future tho. At least it’s pretty straightforward and you can see template choices and variations quickly.

I adore Wordpress. :heart: I was with Blogger for years and years but the whole changeover to google signin was a nightmare – I was always getting tiemouts when I tried to post and couldn’t even sign into my own blog with my username and password. :roll: I switched over to Wordpress and have never looked back – it’s a fabulous platform and I haven’t had one problem with it. :thumbsup:

I use livejournal. It does what I want it to :slight_smile:

I enjoy wordpress - I was with blogspot for a week or so, but decided to try wordpress and have been satisfied with it.

They have some very nice templates and allow you to do custom headers with some of them - please visit my site if you like :slight_smile:

I use

Wordpress and TypePad for sure. Wordpress is a bit more user-friendly, TypePad is more powerful.