Best bind off method

I’m working on the front bands of a cardigan and will need to bind off soon. The bands are done in reverse stockinette and are 1 1/2 inches wide. Is there a BO method that helps keep them from curling better than the regular BO?

If the bands are done in st st or rev st st, usually the idea is that they curl. You want the bind off loose enough not to pull the bands up but I don’t think that’ll help with the curl. Can you link to the pattern?

Bind offs don’t really help with curling. It’s the stitch that curls as Salmonmac said. If that’s the way the pattern was written I imagine the designer knew this. I’ll wait for your link…

Thanks for letting me know that the bind off wouldn’t help. I really didn’t think it would. I was just hoping there was a way that I didn’t know about to help with the curling when binding off.
Guess it’s back to the blocking.

I’ve wondered if there is a way to dk and make buttonholes in it so the button goes through both layers easily. I’ve encountered the same dilemma as you.