Best beginner pattern?

Hi. I’ve been looking around this site recently and I realissed that I don’t know where to start with patterns so much that I have started to just knit bookmarks (I know, simple). I went out and got some 4 mm (size 8) circular needles today to expand what I can do. I’m looking for something simple really and thankyou in advance!:blooby: :frog:
BTW, the packaging thaat my needles came in say 75/80 cm.

I think the best beginner pattern is something that appeals to you. Look at lots of pictures of knit items and see what looks exciting and interesting. I still do this.
You can try Ravelry (a free site to join) or Pattern Central, for example. Lots of ideas, patterns, and variations to choose from.

4mm are US size 6, or UK size 8, so you need DK or 8 ply yarn, a bit thinner than worsted or aran. You can knit hats with this size, though you may need to use the magic loop technique to fake having a shorter needle if yours are longer thatn16"/401cm. Or you can use the single loop version to knit something smaller than your needle.

Hi there! It all depends on your likes. I’m a new hand knitter, and wanted a pattern for something useful. This is still my favorite pattern:

They make great gifts, and teach you how to work yarn overs. I used it for that purpose so I could learn to work lace patterns.

Happy knitting!

For a beginner who knows only garter stitch, I recommend getting some needles that go with the yarn you like, casting on 30 stitches, and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting until you run out of yarn… easy, garter stitch scarf.

If you can knit and purl, another good pattern is “Scrunchable Scarf”… it’s an easy 3-stitch repeat that goes really fast, and looks more complicated than it is when finished.

You could always try something felt-able too… accidental holes or an extra stitch won’t be noticeable once it’s felted.

I tend to keep a stash of ‘kitchen’ cotton around to practice interesting stitches on. That way my practice swatches become dishcloths. If it’s a stitch I find really pretty I’ll expand into a scarf with a softer, fancier yarn. Lately, I’ve been making doll clothes for my kids’ toys to practice seaming and piecing.

really: Anything you like is good.
I am knitting forever but until a few years ago I never made a hat or a scarf. Just because I did not want to… so what? Those are classic beginner’s choices and they were not for me.

Bookmarks are scarfs in small. So that is something to do just on a larger scale.
But if you do not want to make a scarf… anything with simple stitch patterns is do-able for a beginner, really. Too much shaping and too complicated stitches will not do so easy.

Do not do lace, do not start right out with cables. That would make things more complicated than needed. But you can change that anytime.

Why not start with cables? My 2nd project, when I was about 15, was a top down raglan sweater with a cable down the front. I just followed the instructions in the pattern and practiced the cable.

Well, I thought, it might be easier to just concentrate on one big change in the beginning. From bookmark to cabled sweater would be a BIG step, in my eyes.
A cabled scarf, though, might be much easier, since there is not really any shaping in a scarf :o)
If anyone wants to dive in: I am all for it. But I often have the impression that courage in knitting is built with every quick and successfull project. I just did not want to overpower anyone.

Like you, I skipped right over hats and scarves until a few years ago. Didn’t need them, so why knit them… I still haven’t made a dishcloth which is another of those beginner projects - larger than a bookmark, smaller than a scarf.

right, a dish cloth is still missing in my arselnal

I am a beginner as well. I found that this website is helpful with needle sizes and simple stitch patterns:

Hope you find it helpful!