Best Basic Sock Pattern


I just got some Regia Galaxy sock yarn, and I am wondering, what is the best basic sock pattern you have all found??


I think there are a million posts in here about socks lately. Must be something in the water. :wink:

Try this one.

I have posted about this one a few times. It is a very easy to follow pattern for a beginner

I find this a good basic also.

Do you do this sock on 56 stitches? I don’t think I could get it over my foot if I used that many. I use 64 and I don’t have huge feet or anything. Maybe it’s bigger yarn… :think: Just curious really…I don’t use a pattern anymore for basic socks.

Regia seems to call for a smaller needle/larger number of stitches. I would think a 56 would make a pretty teensy Regia sock unless you did it with size 2’s or 3’s and then I think you would get a pretty holey fabric.

Yeah…it is a DK weight sock pattern, so that makes sense.

I am needing a sock weight one…Have you seen Regia Galaxy…I love it…I would say it is outta this world…but that is just cliche

Most of my socks are knit on 0s or 1s…and if the pattern calls for more than 56 sts I know it will be to large…:teehee:

Yes I have been using lighter DK weight yarn with that pattern. Hadn’t really considered that. :doh:
The selection/brands of sock (and other) yarns available here is very limited and I’m not familiar with Regia or many of the other yarns often mentioned in this forum.:shrug:

You must have incredibly tiny feet and ankles. :shock: I use size 1 needles as well and need 64 stitches. I’m not a big person and I wear a size 8 shoe.