Best Bamboo Needles?

i know there is no ‘perfect needle’, but, looking at bamboo in KA, Knitters Pride and Hiya- soo - which have the softest cables? Leaning toward the KA

I only know two of those personally and heard good stuff about the other. I think they’d all be fine. I love my birch wood (harmony and sunstruck) from Knitpicks. Knitters pride is very similar.

I have Harmony Wood also and love them. Before buying my set, I used Clover bamboo circulars. They’re quite good and the cables were excellent. I didn’t like the few expensive Addi circulars I bought from my LYS. I spent more time unkinking the inferior cables than I did knitting. Very frustrating. Do try the Clovers. I think you’ll be pleased and they’re reasonably priced.

See, I think the Clover bamboo cable was awful. I’ve heard the interchangeable set is a different cable and very nice, but they can be expensive. I had some inexpensive ones from a craft store. Never again. You had to dip the cable in hot water to make it relax enough to work with and you’d have to do it every time. :zombie:

I’m with Jan, cannot stand Clover needles. I have actually moved away from using my interchangeables for the most part b/c I do a lot of sock/mitten/hat knitting for my sons. For that stuff I prefer my Addi Turbo’s and 2 at a time magic loop.