Best baby boy gift

We’re having a joint shower at school and my Knitting Buddy has already made a boy sweater for one of the mommies. What is another idea for a beautiful knitted gift for a baby boy? What have you made that has been best received? Hooded blanket? Blanket? I am an intermediate knitter, so the sky’s the limit!:knitting:

Another sweater in a different size - kids grow quickly!!!

Washcloths/towels - especially the towel/wraps with a hood/animal head on one corner.


Sleeping bags (for older/play)

Hats/mittens - Make a matching set or the same hat in three different sizes.

I usually make blankets and they are always a hit.

Blankets are always nice to receive. Personally I never used the hooded ones. I preferred to just swaddle them and then put on a hat if needed.

If you check this thread out from a few months ago, I have a pic link and a pattern for a car seat blanket with slots for a buckle strap.

HMMM - I am a big fan of hats and fingerless mitts if baby is born in cooler weather. I have a son and EVERYONE gave us a blanket so if you make a blanket I would suggest a small carseat or stroller size one. The hooded blankets never really worked out for me - seems like my son was always turning his head into the hood. Are you a sewer? Some of my favorite blankets we were given are handsewn flannel receiving blankets. Some are double thick and some single, they are bigger, thicker and cozier than store bought and wash of beautifully.

These are great ideas!! I love the idea of the car seat blanket. I will print that out for sure! My friend always does flannel receiving blankets with a crocheted edging. They always look really nice. I am going to pursue the car seat blanket idea–hmmm :O)

You could make a set of matching hat, booties, and mittens. Someone made a set for my lil’ guy and I really like it :slight_smile: (Though she sewed it out of felt).

hat / toque
scratch mittens

These also work nicely for strollers. It’s a small blanket that won’t drag on the ground and get dirty or get stuck in the wheels. The stroller safety strap keeps it in place.

[QUOTE=ShanaHoo;1340409]I usually make blankets and they are always a hit.[/QUOT

I like that carseat or stroller blanket idea. Probably the most appreciated gift for a new mother would be about 6 hours of undisturbed sleep. That many hours is really gravy to the parents.

I like to do unusual things like, a bottle of beer and ear plugs for the new father(nobody ever thinks of him) . . . then for Mom a nice bottle of her fav lotion so dad, who is rested, can give her a nice back rub. Oh! The baby gift. Well, if you give that baby happy, rested parents what else would he need?

Then for a cute boy baby gift just type - knitted Converse Booties - in your browser. You’ll get sites with free patterns for the cutest booties. Most people like them. Then, if the parents have a school or org. affiliation put that on a blanket or ??? and match their school colors in the booties. Just ideas. I don’t know about the ‘Showers’ you have, but mine are always fun. Jean