Besides this site, What are some of your other favorites?

Hi every1,

  KnittingHelp is my fav. site. I'm rather new and the video techniques here are amazing and have been so much help to me not to mention the free patterns and the nice people here too.  I was just wondering what are some of your other favorite sites are and why?


Hi Kelly

This is my favorite site. Once in awhile i will go to stitchguide only to see what people are posting there.

I get all my fixes from this site. I’ve been here since almost the beginning, so I feel special about being here. If I were to visit anymore sites, then I would have less time to spend here and make more friends. My Yahoo IM list of friends has grown considerably since joining these boards 8)

This is my favorite sight too! I used to visit tkga message boards exclusively, but then I found this site. Knittinghelp feels more like a tight knit (pun intended ;)) community than tkga. I think the fact the knittinghelp has only a few forums lends a helping hand to that feeling. Tkga has so many forums that I get impatient trying to catch up with all the going’s-on in every forum. I feel like my attention is split is a million different directions with so many forums. I understand the tkga probably segregated the forums for organizational purposes, but there are pros and cons to everything.

Basically, I feel more connected with other knitters on Amy’s site than I do with tkga. I still visit TKGA to see what’s going on, but I’m more often here at Amy’s site. Oh and the videos help too :smiley:

I love all of you guys here. This is the friendliest knitting site around, and it has such a nice sense of community about it and lots of experienced knitters and new knitters alike (with guru Amy helping us with her great videos). Everyone here is always so happy to try and help. This forum is my favourite knitting place. :smiley: You guys are all wonderful.

I really enjoy Amy’s site too…not only for the forums but also for the learning aspect of it with all the videos, etc.

Some of the other knitting sites I like are:

Knitter’s Review

Me too. :smiley: I look at patterns and yarn for sale on other sites, but I this is the only forum to which I belong. I like it because there isn’t a ton of different forums, easy to find information, and the people are super nice. And so far I haven’t offended anyone (that i know of). :twisted:

I feel as though i know many of you personally and often times picture what you look like.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all meet somewhere? Like AMY"S HOUSE :lol:

Now that i say that i remember “Elm Creek Manor” Series about women who quilt and how they met. Wonderful Series…

I bet i am the oldest on this site.

I really like this forum too and I do feel like i’m getting to know quite a few of you. I signed up at Knitters review and there ARE alot of individual chats going on and it does seem rather impersonal … although, I did find a meet up group in my city through KR ( YaY!!!) :slight_smile: but that all originated from a post here too. So, I’m just gonna hang my hat here and call it home.


Gosh, this might be my favorite thread ever! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thanks for your wonderful words about this site, everyone!

I’m so glad you all like it here. I’m sure glad to have you here! You make this forum what it is. It’s good to hear you confirming what my instincts have told me, about keeping the forum categories to a minimum! There may come a time when I need to add a couple more, just to add a little breathing room in this busy main forum. But I’ll hold out as long as I can, because I sure like having us cozy in a main forum.

My favorite sites for visiting are KnittersReview and Knitty.
My favorite people in the professional knitting world are Meg Swansen (EZ’s daughter, love her!) and Clara Parkes (of knittersreview). Very nice people.

I’m seriously considering attending Meg’s knitting camp this summer. Maybe I’ll see some of you there! (In lieu of meeting at my house! :wink: te-he) You can find info about it on her site. Go to , and click on “CAMP.” It happens over 4 different weekends in July. I’m not sure which weekend I’ll do yet. I don’t even know how much it is, but I met Meg over the phone, and she was just SO great, that I know her camp will be fabulous.

TKGA has a good forum. Never did explore much else on the site. I’m intrigued by their master certification program, or whatever it’s called. Has anyone ever done it? Is it just guidelines, or do they somehow offer training?

Stitchguide is an impressive site, very ambitious! I’m glad she didn’t decide to go into great detail with her knitting videos, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered making this site! (Phew!)

Amy :slight_smile:

Proof positive that Amy’s site is the bomb … tkga has been down for about three days now and this is not the first episode! Grrr… All of their “Contact Us” links are dead. I’m beginning to think they don’t care. :?

Amy! Rock on!!

***okay, I’m finished venting :oops: