Besides knitting book I now buy

I use to only look for knitting books when I’d go to Joann’s and AcMoore. Then the other day I was in both stores and in the back mixed in with the yarns they have nice …bigger than brochures and not really thick books of knitting patterns. They are the size of a coloring book and NOT the tiny ones you see at Walmart with their yarns.

I was looking for some baby layette ideas and ended up buying two wonderful “booklets” of really beautiful layette sets. :happydance:

Anyway, I was just surprised that these were hidden away where I normally would not have given them a glance. :shock: Now I will check out those racks too in addition to the regular knitting books. :smiley:

Yes, a lot of them have some real goodies in them. I always take a look when I can.