Berry/Trinity stitch..... p or yo?

Hello knitters! I was recently playing around with decorative stitches, taking a break from my socks, and was working on berry stitch. I was reading the knitting fiends web site and she mentions using k1 yo k1 instead of k1 p1 k1 into one stitch. The resulsts are visually identical to my eyes. The k1 yo k1 is much faster to work than knitting in that purl stitch.
My question is…do you think there is actually any benefit to having the purl stich in there? Maybe it makes a “sturdier” berry, assuming a real stitch is stronger than a yarn over. Does it relaly make any difference at all? I want to make a bag in berry stitch and don’t want the darn yarn overs making it too weak!


If you put the yo in, you’ll get a hole!