Berroco's brea bag - please help!

Hi everyone,

I’m making what seems to be a pretty popular bag from the free pattern section of Berroco. It is the Brea bag

I am having some difficulty understanding how to start knitting in the pattern stitch. I’ve only gotten to Row 5 out of 29 rows total.

Can someone who’s made this bag please help me?

I’d like to know the following:

  1. When knitting in the pattern stitch, it says “…Keeping 1 st at each side in St st…” What exactly does that mean? Does that mean that at the beginning of each of the 29 rows, you knit the first & last stitches of each row?

  2. How many stitches should I have starting row 5? I calculated that I should have 110 (126 cast on - 16 decreased stitches ( 8 on each rs row, rows 1 & 3). But, I actually have 109… Am I right with my calculation of 110?

Thank you so much!!!

  • Karen

"…Keeping 1 st at each side in St st…"
Knit the first and last st of the RS rows, purl the first and last of the WS rows.

The note says you will decrease 8 sts on each RS row, so starting with 126, dec 8 on R1, another 8 on R3, you shoud start R 5 with 110. Check R 3 that you didn’t do an extra decrease.

Thanks, Sue!!

Thanks, this helped me too