Berroco Wisteria Pattern errors?

Happy New Year!

Has anyone else knitted this sweater?

This is my very first knitting project and I do believe there are errors on the FRONT side of the sweater. I’ve been haunting the How To board here and received amazing help learning to bobble, do short rows, etc. But now we’re kind of lost.

I finished the back, but before I reached the raglan armhole starting point I had far more rows completed (12) then the front calls for. Seems it won’t match up at all.

Also, I’m doing a medium so I have 128 sts before starting armholes, but pattern calls for 4 dec (2 ea side) and the remaining sts they have noted does not add up. Do they want me to decrease less? Or is that an error in subtraction on their part? If so, does it mess up the rest of the armhole? YIKES! My first pattern. :??

Any help would be great from anyone who’s been here before.

All my thanks,
Lee Lee

I’m not sure about the rows, but for the raglan decreases it looks like only an error in the first line. Where you started with 128 and decreased 4 to end up with 126.

The total is 128 -4 (1st decrease)=124 - 80(20 x 4 decreases every 4th row) = 44 -4 (1 more decrease on the 6th row) =40.

That is a very brave attempt for a first knitting project, I wish you the best of luck.