Berroco ultra alpaca

soft, not so soft, garment friendly, not, thoughts, feelings, opinions?


No idea on this particular yarn, but I can’t imagine alpaca being anything but butter. And “ultra” alpaca must be like roll-in-the-buff soft. :slight_smile:

Oh so soft. nice drape. a little fuzzy. I give it a :thumbsup:

:teehee: I just cast-on with this yarn last night, Sean! :cheering:

It is fabulous! I’m making Swell in it. It is lovely, soft and cozy.

I love this stuff! Great yardage for a good price. Makes toasty warm house socks. I’m making a sweater with it now.
I love the colors. It’s nice 'n soft. Doesn’t shed like a lot of alpaca and alpaca blends. After a wash, gauge stays true and looks as good as before.
Definitely give this one a go. It’s great. :slight_smile:

I was fondling some of this at the LYS just this morning.

Soooooooo soooooooooft.

I may need some soon!

I started to make swell with my Borooco too!!! BUT i kept messing up so I put it aside for now. Maybe I should look at it again. :thinking:

thanks everyone!!! swell is so cute, Sara! i was this close to ordering 15 hanks of it without ever fondling it, but i decided against it, but not because i don’t trust your opinions, just decided to wait. :wink: there’s a fiber fest in a week i am trying to stash away some $ for and i think they happen to have it there too. i’m even more excited now though!!! :slight_smile: