Berroco Mallard cardi

Hi there! I finally took this one out of time-out, bit the bullet and picked up stitches for the sleeves and front bands. I hate picking up stitches! I need your opinions…

Please look at the lower edge of the front band. Do you think that unevenness will block out? I’m not thrilled with it and can’t decide if I could live with it. I’m also definitely NOT thrilled with the thought of re-doing the bands!

Second, how should I sew the back neck together? Because of the number of stitches, the pattern has you do it in two pieces. I wish now I had simply used my longest circular and did it all at once.

Last but not least, when I did the shoulder seams I accidentally did the first one wrong sides together! So, obviously, I have a ridge on the right side. I was very hesitant to try to tink the three needle BO and decided to call it a design feature. Now I’m not at all sure that was the right decision.

I’m so ready to finally have this one done so I can move on! Opinions, please? Thanks!

Adding a better pic of the lower edge.

It’s a lovely sweater, Judy. I actually looked at the photos first and thought the seam detail on the shoulder was a nice touch.
The lower part of the bands is only slightly pulled up and I think blocking will take care of that (this is wool?).
I’ve grafted the back neck on bands like these with Kitchener stitch and found it to work quite well.
Thanks for the wonderful photos!

Thanks, salmonmac. Sorry I forgot to mention before that it’s made with Berroco Flicker, 87% Baby Alpaca, 8% Acrylic and 5% Other Fibers, whatever that may be! Will the alpaca make a difference as far as blocking?

That’s beautiful. I like the ridge from the bind off. I’ve taken out the three needle bind off many times, it’s not that bad I figure the worst that will happen is I end up reknitting a row or two. That’s all I can add to the discussion. Please post an after blocking photo. I’m sure it will be that much lovelier.

I agree about the 3NBO. If you drop a stitch you can always pick it up or tink another row.
I think the alpaca should block nicely. I’ve certainly blocked it in the past and liked the results.

[COLOR=“DarkSlateBlue”]I think your sweater is [B]beautiful[/B]!!![/COLOR]

i thought the shoulder seam was a design detail! :wink:

beautiful work… something for many of us to aspire to.


Wonderful! Try it on!! :cheering:

Thanks, everyone! It fits very nicely so I’m more than pleased with that aspect of it! Now for the tedious part of finishing off what seems like a trillion dangling yarn ends. Bleh!

Oh, those pesky ends. I do not like the ends time of a project but I dislike sewing on buttons more. :shrug: I finally got buttons on a sweater and have a hood/neck warmer that still holds its breath in anticipation of completion. I look forward to the seeing FO.