Berroco La Cieniga

It was suggested that I start a KAL for the Berroco La Cieniga sweater. All I can say is, it’s what I’m working on now… join me if you’d like! I’m making it in the yarn that’s featured in the photo, Berroco Love It Colors in Monday Monday.

And can I just add that the spelling “La Cieniga” is driving me nuts… why it isn’t “La Cienega,” I have no idea… :??

That is sooo cute! I want to start that right now, but I have to finish my sweater first. Maybe this will be motivation for me to finish.

Is it knit in the round?

No, it’s knit flat - I haven’t looked through the pattern to the end :oops: to know exactly how it’s put together. I just had to frog the entire 2 inches of ribbing I did and start from scratch yesterday due to a stupid mathematical error in decreasing… so it’s now only at the cast-on stage! :wall:


I’m going to join you, but first I need to buy yarn and pick up the pattern.
The VERY first thing I need to do is get through the rest of tax season with some sanity intact. It will be three weeks until I can cast this on. :verysad: :verysad:

You’ll probably be finished just as I get started.

I’m thinking about colors: The Blues or Salad Days :?? :??

Can’t wait!!!


Mary, I’ll probably be ripping some mistake or other and re-casting on for the 85th time when you start! Sad but true…!

I only usually get to knit for a short time between supper and TV and on weekends, so I never make fast progress on any project. So I’ll still be plodding along on it! :roll:

As for the colors, I think I love all of them!

oooh - That’s really nice Karen … one for my to do list.

I got a couple of rows done last night, and then, right before bed, talked to DH about the best way to decrease evenly by 40 stitches across 129, which I have to do after the two rows of ribbing (and which I messed up the first time). Then went to sleep and spent all night dreaming over and over again about decreasing the number 129 by 40, not anything to do with knitting, but in different situations… and I never did manage it in the dream! :hmm:

Maybe I’m not supposed to be doing this pattern after all… :teehee:

[Never mind - post deleted.]

Is anyone still working on this project? :shrug:


(Sorry, but if you knew how slowly I knit, you’d see why I’m laughing…)

I’m almost finished with the first part (front or back) - I screwed up the increases before the ribbed edge last night and had to frog back (I ended up with YOs somehow and had lots of nicely decorative but totally wrong holes).

So, yes, someone is still working on this project!

Oh, and P.S., if only I’d looked at my copy of Stitch 'n Bitch earlier, I would have seen her nice explanation of how to calculate decreasing across a row and saved myself a lot of headaches… :doh:

Update: I finally finished the front (or back) of the sweater. I’m casting on the back (or front!) now. (I had interrupted to do a quick hat for DH.)

That looks terrific, Karen! I love those colors! :inlove: :inlove:


Very pretty! How do you like working with that yarn?

Thank you!

The yarn is actually kind of rough - a bit ropey - but I’m finding it okay to work with. I’m not sure how comfortable the sweater is going to turn out to be, though! :shrug:

Karen, that is really REALLY pretty!! :inlove:

Thanks! :hug:

Still plodding along… I’ve finished the other side of the sweater and am casting on the first sleeve… probably will take it with me on our trip this weekend and maybe actually have it ready to seam by the time we get home!

I’ve done as much of this sweater as I’m going to, at least for the present - and I’m certainly not planning on doing any more Berrocco patterns in the future. Made gauge, the neckline of the sweater still turned out way too big, the sleeves falling off my shoulders (and shorter than they appear in the pattern photo). Love the yarn, not at all happy with how it turned out. I’ll put it away until I’m a more experienced knitter and can come up with a good way to alter it - but for now, it’s on to something else…