Berroco Comfort Baby Coverlet

Here is the coverlet that I just finished for a baby that my stepson and his wife are expecting in September.

Nannaknits got me started with this by posting hers.
Now it’s done, and I really like it. The Berroco Comfort is soft. It’s a bit splitty, but not bad.

That is really beautiful! Great job!

That is beautiful. They will love it.

That is a very pretty stitch! Nice work and congratulations on your new step-grand child!

WOW that beautiful. I love the stitch!!

Oh I am so happy to see your blankie. I love the color, nice work.

great yarn to knit with!! beautiful gift:yay:

It’s really beautiful! Great job. :cheering:

What a beautiful gift, the color is lovely.

That is beautiful!

What a lovely blanket and the stich is stunning x

wow! That is beautiful! Can you tell us the pattern and how many skiens of Comfort yarn it took?

Thanks in advance!


:inlove: very pretty!!

Thanks, everyone.

Jen, nannaknits shows a picture of the booklet that the pattern came from on the second page of this thread:

I used a little less than four skeins of the worsted weight Berroco Comfort.

that is gorgeous-they’ll love it!! especially the baby :slight_smile:

Oh too funny, I already had asked her about this pattern! I knew it looked familiar! Thanks for the info anyway. Also, thanks for telling me about the Berroco, I have 2 skeins of the Comfort (why I only bought 2, I have no idea!) so I can go get two more!


That is so pretty and your work is great!

Simply gorgeous!!! What a labor of love!

Beautiful!! Where did you find this pattern?

That is amazing! I presume the pattern is out of print??? Sigh, just my luck! anyway, great job, it looks soooo soft and cuddly.