Berroco Blackstone Tweed - color #2603

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for 3-4 skeins of the discontinued Berroco yarn “Blackstone Tweed” brown color #2603.
Please message me if you have any and are willing to sell. I need it for a pattern. Thank you very much
Monica T.

Have you tried Ravelry? There appear to be a number of stashes with the brown yarn #2603 although the color seems to vary. Even ones that say “not for sale” are worth a try since folks often don’t change this default setting.

I’ve seen them there but somehow can find a way of contacting the person(s) who has them.
But thanks …

Click on the name at the top in each box. It’ll bring up the page for the yarn. Then click on the name of the person listing the yarn at the top, far left. That’ll bring you to that person’s page. Directly under the name in the upper left is a “send message” button.

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Thank you!! Will try these steps!