Berroco Andoa Sweater

This was a record fast finish for me. Man’s size, all texture, and finished in 9 days. I started Thursday Feb 1st and finished Saturday Feb 10th in time for a gift. Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t get really got photos of the texture, but you get the idea. More pics on the blog, if you care.

WOW! It looks great!

Nice job :cheering: love the texture :heart:

Love it! :heart:

9 days?!? :passedout:

Looks great!

Wow I love it. I’m amazed that it only took you 9 days … did you eat and sleep too or just knit? :teehee:

9 days!! you are superwoman! :cheering:

I cannot believe you stitched this up in an airport of all places. Kudos to you as it is very beautiful!

awesome!!! That’s quick for a sweater!! Good work!

Thanks you guys! He liked the sweater. I guess the curse doesn’t really work. :shrug: