Berrocco Softwist 1400 yards - SOLD!

I frogged the Hourglass sweater that has been sitting idle and taunting me… there was nothing wrong, I was just not interested in it any longer. We grew apart, you see… And, now I am FREE! :cheering:

Now, I have 1400 yards of Black Berrocco Softwist (Wool/Rayon) to sell. 400 yards have never been knit, and all of it is in nice, trellisey ball-winder balls.

Regular price is $5.50 per skein, or $77 for 14 skeins, 100 yards each.

Will sell for $50 or best offer, and would be very happily accepted in WEBS, Knitpicks, Elann, Amazon or similar gift certificate.

I’m interested! I’ve always wanted a black hand-knit sweater!

PM’d you.

Thanks, Anree!!! Got my GC and SPENT it already!! :happydance: