Berocco Vivo - Beryl Pattern

Has anyone made this sweater? I have almost finished the back, but I’ve discovered I’ve made some critical errors that I can’t figure out. Two different colors are used to create a design where the secondary color creates a sort of triangle with the point near the neck.

It’s knit sideways in two pieces. The design is created by dropping one color and picking up the other color on every row. There are directions for how to do it differently on the K and P rows. C1 and C2 should always be on the needle.

The first half of the back seemed to go fine, but the point of the triangle was much farther away from the neckline than in the picture of the sweater. After shaping the neck, the instructions reversed for how to change colors on the K and P rows. I thought I was doing fine until all the stitches on my needles transitioned into only C1.

I am stumped!

I can see the V at the back in some of the projects. The directions should have you increasing the number of sts in one color while decreasing the number of sts in the second color. Is it possible that you changed colors with a different spacing than the pattern called for?
It does look like the sts transition to all one color for a row or two at the side (see the last photo on the pattern page).

I think I may have made a mistake early on and it threw off the rest of the pattern. I’ve just finished ripping and am about to start again. Argh!!! Thanks so much for your quick response.