Bernat wools

does anyone know of a stockist for Bernat Super value medium (worsted) weight yarn and also Bernat Berella 4 medium (worsted) yarn please

I’m not sure what you mean by “stock list”… Do you mean the colors?

I think Berella has been discontinued, but here’s the super value one -

It is “stockist” which is a store or site that ‘stocks’ the yarn.

For the other susieq… I think has a search feature to find stores in your area that carry their yarns. If you’re in the US, Joanns, Michaels, AC Moore and Hobby Lobby usually have them. If you’re in the Midwestern US, some Meijer stores carry them as well.

Ah-ha! Learned something! Berella is still discontinued though from what I can tell.

If you are in Canada, Michaels and Zellers(While they are still Zellers and not changed to Target stores) are the places to go.

Yeah, stockist is a British term usually. And I think Berella is discontinued, but can still be found on ebay and through Ravelry stashes.

You can buy “Rich Periwinkle Blue” Berella 4 direct from Bernat here: Bernat Shop
and Super Value Solidsand Ombres as well.

Since Berella 4 is discontinued, you might like the new Bernat Waverly yarn, which is designed to work with Waverly Fabric colors for interior design. It’s a premium acrylic, like Berella 4 was.

Bernat Waverly Yarn by Shandeh, on Flickr

I LOVE those colors of yarn you have there, Sandy! :inlove:

I’m in LOVE with the Waverly yarn. I can’t wait to knit or crochet an afghan or blanket with it. Now, I just need to decide on the colors. That’s the hardest part of all, because I love ALL of them!

Can you tell me what those colors are? The 4 full skeins showing? Would they make a beautiful striped hat or blanket for autumn?!

ETA… oh well I see now… it’s the picture from the waverly bernat site. I’ll have to go to the store I guess.:teehee:

Those 4 colors come from the “Beautiful Things” set in that yarn. I think the 4 skeins are:

Irish Moss, Porcelain Red, Bitter Rose, and Pink Suede

I generally buy my yarn in my LYS, but I think I’m gonna have to get some of that for something…anything! Just love the colors!

Joann’s carries it. In my store it’s been in a standalone display by the front entrance, but I haven’t been in for a while, so it may have been moved back to the yarn aisle, or be in a display somewhere else.