Bernat Wool Blend

I thought I’d post a “my experience with” on the Bernat Wool Blend yarn.

So far I’m loving it! I’m using it to make my hubby work socks. I’ve decided to knit it up on a tight gauge and sts completely blend into solid fabric (using the Charcoal colourway).

I also knitted in a roll of black elastic thread into the top and that seems to work fine.

My husband put on the nearly finished first sock and… I had to poke him repeatedly with the dpns to convince him I couldn’t/wouldn’t knit the sock while on his foot!

I find it quite soft but have not knit with any yarn over $4 a skein so some of you likely wouldn’t find it great.

I’m thinking it would make a fantastic yarn for a sweater.

Machine wash on cold, air dry
80% acrylic
20% wool
recommended 5mm/US 8 needles for 18sts by 24 rows for 4 inch swatch.
medium 4 weight (I think worsted, no? I can’t remember)

Solid colours mostly, I love the brown, and a few colourways but I wasn’t too attracted to those colourways.

For me it knits up fast with no real problems. I did drop one sts but managed to pull it up 15 rows no problem. I knitted 14 inches of 1 sock on Sunday, so to me that means its an easy yarn to work with!

Hope that helps!

Yes, a 4 at that gauge is worsted weight. Sounds like good stuff, Hope I’ll be able to find some around here and see for myself.

I’ve never tried it, but I might go get some after your review. I’m always looking for yarn to make socks on the cheap, and it sounds like it will work pretty well. Will you post again once you’ve finished them and washed them a couple of times? I’m curious about the wear.

Sure thing!

Oh, btw, I knit DH work socks in Bernat’s Denim Blends, (cotton acrylic blend)

We are going on 13 months + of twice weekly wear with regular laundering and no holes…

I did his in the green and white tweedy stuff.

But I didn’t like working with it as much as it is an even bulkier yarn.

Cool! Maybe I’ll try some of that, too. Since it’s so much bigger than the fingering weight I’ve been using, it should knit up a lot faster. An added bonus, since the weather is thinking about changing. :slight_smile:

The cotton part really pills in the beginning.

The older the socks get the less… I don’t know… Dh is fond of those socks but I find them less aesthetically pleasing…

What matters is that they feel good, right?

I agree, the Bernat Wool blends is awesome!

I’ve made several items with this yarn. It washes beautifully and a hat I’d made using the yarn ended up in a super hot dryer and it came out perfect! So even a dryer oops is not the death of this yarn unlike others.

Items made so far: cowls, neckwarmers, scarf, slouchie hat, little girls top, sweater. I’ve used this yarn for both knitting and crochet with no problems whatsoever.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone.