Bernat Staggered Squares Blanket for baby

Looking at 9th row in Bernat’s free pattern for Staggered Squares Blanket for baby. Lacking two stitches of the 141 sts, if I continue with the repetition part of 9th row *yo, K3, sl1, K1, psso, K4, P1. it has K5, P1 at beginning and ends with K5.

Welcome to KH. Do you mean that you are short 2 sts at the end of row 8?

Rows 1-8 all have 141 sts as required. Just the pattern calls for 6 sts on left, 5 on right, and repeating pattern * takes 12 sts. The math doesn’t work out, either. I’m short two sts at the end of row 9.

9th row:
K5. P1. *yon. K3. Sl1. K1. psso. K4. P1. Rep from * to last
5 sts. K5.

I count 10 sts used:
yon = yo and doesn’t use a st
k3 - 3 sts
Sl1. K1. psso - 2 sts (video
K4. - 4 sts
P1 - 1 st

HTH and if not be sure to post again so you can get help.

GrumpyGramma, thank you so much. It works. I appreciated the you tube link. I was counting the sl1, K1 separately from the psso.

You’re welcome; I’m glad I could help. These things aren’t easy at first, I remember! This is a really pretty blanket and I hope you will share pictures of yours. Do be sure to ask if you get stuck again.