Bernat Soy $2!

I was browsing my Michaels this morning the pricing lady told me she had just clearanced out some yarn. I saw some super soft yarn marked down that I had to have. It’s Bernat Soy- only $2! (Not to mention I get 25% off of that so it’s only $1.50 for me!!!) Super soft and just beautiful colors. I have no idea what to do with it, but I couldn’t pass it up. I kept thinking the whole way home that I should have bought more. I bought 5 skeins of it in Oatmeal. I may have to stop back tomorrow and see if any is left.


I picked some up yesturday, the girl at the check out said that Michael’s wasn’t going to carry it anymore. I plan to go back tomorrow and get some in what every colors thay have left.

I want to get some, but I can’t decide how many skeins to buy. :slight_smile: There are three or four colors that I want to get. :inlove:

What will you all do with it? Just wondering…


It is really soft and I think it would be great for baby knits. It can be washed and dried.

I’m working on a pretty shawl out of it in the flax lin color.

wow really. that’s sad they’re not going to carry it…I bought some in blue a few months ago…very pretty.

Geeze, our Micheal’s [I]just [/I]started carrying it and now they are going to [I]discontinue [/I]it?!? I’ll have to get there tomorrow for sure…:??

Oh no! Now I have to go to Michaels AGAIN! People there are sick of me already :teehee:

I made a very nice baby sweater out of Bernat Soy recently. You can see a pic of it on ravelry (marlajap) or in the Whatcha Knitting thread here - I think I named the thread “My first sweater” or something like that. :slight_smile:

It works up very soft and with decent stitch definition, but it does tend to to get a bit fuzzy as you work it, so I don’t know that I would recommend a full, adult sized garment from it.


Not as long as you keep buying…

I went today to try to catch this sale, but there were only a few lonely balls left, none in the colors I had hoped for.:sad: