Bernat Softee Chunky Harvest Ombre Yarn


I’m two skeins short of completing a project and have been looking for months. Any idea where I could find some?


Have you joined Ravelry (free to join)? You can search for yarn there and over on the right of the yarn page is a link to stashes of the yarn. You can click there and then search for your color. Even if the listing is “not for sale”, it’s worth a message since some don’t change this default.


Sadly, I’m having trouble logging in - I forgot my username, but remembered password, so I tried to get username, but got the message that is not on file, but it obviously is, since you’ve written me at that address…


Ugh, what a pain. What color are you looking for? Is there a name listed on the skein band?


Bernat Softee Chunky Harvest Ombre


Yes, there are 3 Rav members with 2 skeins each. Have you tried contacting Ravelry under Login, Trouble setting up and account? Because it deals with set up, it’s likely that the message to Sarah is publicly available.