Bernat Pattern - Alpaca Hat and Scarf

Trouble with instructions. How do you K2tog (yfwd) twice and (P1, K1) into double yfwd.

A yfwd is a yarnover, so you k2tog, then yo twice. On the next row, p into the first leg of the doubly YO, and knit into the 2nd.

Thank you so much. How easy was that? I am new to this site and I appreciate the help. Why didnt they say YO?:muah:

Because Bernat is a canadian company and they use british knitting terms. A YO can be yfwd, yrn, yon depending on if it’s between 2 knit sts, 2 purl sts, a knit and a purl or a purl and a knit.

See, you’re never too old to learn something. Thanks again.

Sue, were those reasons given with respect to the order of the abbreviations (yarn over - YO, yarn forward - yfwd, yarn round needle -yrn, and yarn over needle - yon)?

Does asking such a question mean I’ll be a candidate for the knitting grammar police force? :wink: [/color]

Lesseee, yfwd is between 2 knits, yon is from a purl to a knit and yrn is either/both knit to purl and/or bewteen purls. I think there’s a 4th term for one of the last two, but I can’t remember it and which it’s for and which is for yrn.