Bernat Natural Blends Alpaca

My husband gave me a $50 gift certificate to Micheals for xmas and unfortunatly they did not have any of the needles I wanted so I bought me 4 skeins of Bernat Natural Blends Alpaca along with a few other items last weekend. I went to Raverly and saw that other people had made Fetching with this yarn so I have started them. The problem is everytime I slip it on to check the length, it itches and feels a little uncomfortable. I was wondering if anyone here has used it and what they thought of it, does it get softer with a washing or stay the same?

Thank you!

I haven’t used it, but I’ve heard that alpaca in general tends to be a bit prickly. Not sure what happens after it’s washed.

It seems to be an individual sensitivity thing. I can’t wear alpaca but I can knit with it alright. My mother, though, has no issues wearing alpaca, even on her neck (where the prickles drive me crazy!). After washing, I think it tends to be the same, since it’s the hairs theselves causing the prickliness.

It might also depend on what it’s blended with that determines prickliness. I have an alpaca blend sweater I made years ago unfortunately I no longer have a label for it. But until I made my camel hair sweater the alpaca was the softest most comfortable sweater I owned. I generally wear a t shirt or camisole under wool sweaters because of the itchiness, but don’t have to with either of those sweaters.

Here’s a pic of a sweater I made DH of Bernat Alpaca. My only complaint is that this yarn really sheds.

Very nice DH must really like it.