Bernat Hramony Sweater - putting it all together.

Hello, strong textI am hoping someone can help me to understand the assembly of this sweater. I got the pattern only in English and another language. (French I think) the pattern is called Bernat Harmony Turtleneck to knit. I believe I have followed all the instructions but am confused by how to attach the sleeves and create the turtle neck part. My confusion starts as Sleeves # 5 to turtleneck #1 then I am completely lost on all of the finishing instructions.

The shoulders end with 76 sts no decreases so I am not understanding where it is attached to the frt & back which are also squear on the outside edge for under the arm.

If someone can tell me how to save a .pdf file to a .jpeg I can post the full instructions if it is needed.

Thank you in advance for any assistance. April


SLEEVES: With smaller needle, cast on 38 sts.

  1. Work in (K2. P2) ribbing, as given for Back, until work from beg measures 5 ins, ending with RS facing for next row.
  2. Change to larger needle** and proceed in stocking sts,
  3. Increase 1 sts each end of needle on next row
  4. Increase 1 sts every following 4th row to for a total of 76 sts.
    5. Cont. even until work from beg measures 22 ins, ending with a purl row.
    6. Cast off.

1. Sew right shoulder seam.
2. With RS of work facing and smaller needle, pick up and knit 19 sts down left front neck edge.
3. K14 from front sts holder.
4. Pick up and knit 19 sts up right front neck edge. K30 from back sts holder. Total 82 sts
5. Next row: (WS). P2. K2. P2. Rep from * to end of row.
6. Next row: K2. P2. K2. Rep from * to end of row.
7. Rep last 2 rows for 9½ ins.

8. Cast off loosely in pat.


  1. Sew left shoulder and turtleneck reversing seam for turn back.
  2. Place markers on Front and Back side edges 10 ins, down from shoulder seams.
  3. Sew in sleeves between markers.
  4. Sew side and sleeve seams, reversing sleeve seam 3 ins from bottom for cuff.

The back should end with the shoulders bound off and 30 center back sts on a holder. The front ends with the 14 center sts on a holder and the shoulders on each side bound off.

  1. Seam the front and back at the right shoulder (as you would wear the sweater).
  2. To make the turtleneck, pick up sts and knit across the held sts as given in the pattern under turtleneck.
  3. Seam the left shoulder and continue the seam up the turtleneck. When you get to the point where the turtleneck folds over, reverse the seam so that it doesn’t show on the outside.
  4. The sleeves are joined to the fronts and back between the markers.
  5. Join the long seam from the sleeve cuff to the underarm continuing down the body to the hem. Since there’s a cuff here, reverse the seam so that it doesn’t show on the outside.
    Don’t post anymore of the pattern because of copyright. What is already posted is enough.

Thank you for the quick response, I think I understand. Could you tell me when i finish the project how to I post to this forum what my project ended up looking like.

In the Reply box, click on the icon in the upper ribbon that looks like a mountain with the sun. It’s about in the middle of the top ribbon. Then follow the directions to select and upload a photo.
Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater!