Bernat horseshoe cable blanket

I desperately need help with this pattern, even my Mom isn’t sure how to proceed after the 4 inch rib stitch, if you go to proceed in pat as follows: the first row doesn’t have enough stitches for the row, and there is nowhere in the instructions to go to row 3 through 12 of cable panel. Very poorly written and I am a beginner.

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Sounds like you’ve finished the ribbing and the first row is the increase row, the “Next row (WS)” at the bottom of column 2? Make sure you have 106sts to begin the row. The pattern row is correct if you use the M1 recommended in the pattern (lifting the loop between sts etc). It may help to put in markers for each section of the pattern across the row. That way you can concentrate on the knitting without counting and make an increase every time you come to a marker. You can use loops of scrap yarn for markers if you don’t have any.
Next row: (WS). K2. rib 8, Marker, rib 8, Marker, rib 26, Marker, rib 8, Marker, rib 8, etc.
Drop the markers once you’ve made the increase.

This is a rather typical way of writing a pattern. Once the position of the cable panel has been established, the pattern continues as set in rows 1 and 2. For the ribbing between the cable panels, repeat row 1 on the odd number rows and repeat row 2 for the even number rows. You want to maintain the columns of knit and purl sts. This will become more obvious as you work a few rows.
If you’re on Ravelry (free to join), this project shows the blanket spread out so that you can see the pattern:

For the cable panel, continue on with row 3 through row 12. When you get to row 13, go back to row 1 of the cable panel. It may help to keep track of which cable panel row you’re on by marking off the rows as you complete them on a piece of paper.

If this doesn’t answer your questions, come back and ask again. We’re all happy to help.

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I appreciate your reply however it is still not making logistical sense to me, as I said I’m an amateur and the other things I’ve done have a row by specific row of instructions such as the included pattern, this pattern I’m asking for help with has four paragraphs of instructions that don’t seem to tell me how to transition from one to the other, such as saying now go work cable panel or blanket panel etc, is there any chance someone could write the horseshoe cable blanket into an easy to understand list of row by row instructions? Even if it says repeat row 1 and 2 or something like that?
I appreciate all the help

This is the level of easy that I understand !!

Yes, I understand. We all began somewhere and learned new techniques in addition to pattern reading as we went along. I well remember struggling with aran patterns that had multiple charts and pattern sts none of them the same length. Still do.
I think that if you add in the markers as suggested above, this will all start to make sense.
Have you worked rows 1 & 2 of the pattern yet? This would be row 1 with the corresponding cable row inserted:
1st row: (RS). K2. [ (P1. K1) twice. P2. K12. P2.
(K1. P1) twice. P2. (K2. P2) 4 times] twice. (P1. K1) twice. P2. K12. P2.
(K1. P1) twice… K2.

I am not sure where to go from the blanket rib? The “proceed in pattern” or the last paragraph? Also on my test knit I tried to do proceed in pattern but it’s not enough for a row

After the rib, work the increase row at the bottom of the middle column, the row with the M1 increases in it.
Then go to the top of the last column, proceed in pattern as follows. That’s the bulk of the pattern directions and incorporates the Cable Panel instructions from the middle panel.