Bernat Hooded Cape

Last night, I finished my Bernat Side Button Hooded Cape!
:heart: :woohoo: :heart:
I’ve been making it for the Bernat Blog:

The pattern is free: (you have to log in to see it)

I used the recommended yarn, Bernat Softee Chunky. It took about 5 or 6 weeks to knit, because I was working on other projects as well. I finished all the knitting yesterday, and did the seaming and finishing last night. The thing that really dresses it up, and makes it look finished is the buttons on the side. Makes all the difference in the world.

I found my buttons at Hobby Lobby on clearance! Yay! They are nice, big, wooden buttons too. I also got a big, pretty green button to put at the spot where the neckline separates, just to give it some strength at that spot. It makes it look good too. :slight_smile:

I put it on last night, and walked down the hall to show it to my hubby. He dropped open his mouth, and said, “Wow! That looks GREAT!” cloud9 Gotta love a hubby that compliments knitting projects. :heart: :heart:

Here are some photos I took last night:

With Flash:

Sandy, your cape is beautiful!! You did a great job, and it looks really nice on you! :yay:

That is just WONDERFUL!! What a great pattern. I have a TON of chunky yarn, I just might have to make one of those!

Very cute! Really looks good on you.

Thank you, my friends! :muah:
It was a quick knit, and I know I will enjoy wearing it. cloud9

Really nice. I love the buttons. Nice touch.

That came out great, Sandy! :thumbsup:

I may have to try this one! Have to admit, when I looked up the pattern online, I wasn’t too sure. But on a REAL person, it’s a completely different story. Nice job!! :cheering:

That looks great Sandy!! And, I got the Bernat email and saw you there - nice write up!!

Sandy, you did a great job and it looks really good on you. I got the email and saw you there also. How very exciting! :yay: :cheering:

Oh wow that looks great!!! I bet my mother would love this… and I’ve been searching for the perfect thing to make for her.

Yours turned out so cute :oD

Thank you all so much! :muah:

This is very very nice, Sandy! Great job of knitting, as usual!

You know, this pattern caught my eye when I first saw it! Love how yours came out!! It will definitely go on my “list” … :slight_smile:

I’ve been wearing my new cape, and loving it!

Note: I made my cape an inch shorter than the directions recommended, because I’m a short person. I was afraid that I would look like a little girl if it was longer than that. I’m glad I made it shorter, because I can wear it while I’m driving. :thumbsup:


I love it–and the shorter length looks much more comfortable to wear. One question…it looks green on the blog and brown here…which is it??? That is so cool how you were able to put your face on the colors to choose one. I have no idea how to do that, but how smart. It’s fun to see you on Bernat–you are like a member of the family!

Thanks for the love, Pam! I tell you, I just pinch myself everyday to make sure it’s not a dream. It’s so cool to see myself on their website. Bernat yarns have been around for so many years, and it’s just amazing that I am becoming part of their history now! cloud9

The cape I made is definitely green, but my poor old camera does not capture the color very well. The Bernat marketing department noticed it, and decided to take matters into their own hands. Their art department is “colorizing” my photos, so the yarn looks right! :wink:

Here’s how I did the color trick with my face. I used the Bernat “Color Clicker” feature on their free patterns webpage, and made copies of the project in colors I liked, then pasted those photos in MS Paint. Then I found a photo of my face, and traced around it with the “free-form select” tool in Paint. Then I dragged my face photo around the screen to try on the different colored projects.

Looks great on you! I really like that stitch for the body. :yay:

Thanks Bambi! :slight_smile:
It’s a very comfortable accessory! I love throwing it on over a simple top, and making my outfit look nicer.

Pam, I just made a little video to show how I use the Color Clicker projects with MS Paint on my computer, when choosing what I want to knit.


Thank you, Sandy. That is SO COOL!!! Watching you actually do that is so helpful!