Bernat Gazoom yarn

I have finished a cowl made from this yarn and I really don’t know how to sew it together. I can’t use the yarn because it is too thick. The instructions tell me to use a yarn that is the same colour as the gazoom but I still have the ends to deal with. Is there anyone out there that has used this yarn and can you tell me how to sew it together. Thanks.

Is the yarn plied? Can you separate the plies and use only a partial thickness to do your seaming?

No way you could, or should, use that yarn to seam with. Choose a plain yarn of a similar color thats lighter weight like worsted and seam it. With the gazoom yarn it’ll barely show. This might have been a good project for knitting in the round.

You’ll probably find some thread that will work, but just in case you don’t, you might also check embroidery floss and see if you can find a matching color. However, you will want to separate the floss down to one or two strands before you use it.

An added plus: Embroidery floss is probably cheaper than a spool of thread. I bought a spool today, and it was something like $2.60 or so; whereas, the embroidery floss is less than a dollar!