Bernat cottontots


For you guys who have used it before. How’s it? Does it hurt your hands when you are knitting with it? Does it wear and wash well?


It is really soft to work with not rough at all.

Here is a review of cottons that might help.

I like it. It doesn’t hurt my hands when knitting. I have had some minor problems with pilling when washing but only on one item. I really think it was caused more by what I washed it with. I have several wash clothes I have made from it and they have held up beautifully without pilling.

I love it. It’s soft and it’s the only 100% cotton that I’ve used that DIDN’T kill my hands/wrists. I made a Garterlac baby blanket with it, and it was just wonderful to work with. It was a gift for my niece when my sister was still pregnant, and baby is now 6 months old, and it has been washed 1-2 times a week and it still looks great.

I made a sweater for myself with Cottontots. I love it - it washes very well, was easy to knit with and was very inexpensive!!!