Bernat Cool Crochet

Has anyone used this yarn? I got 3 balls for $5. I couldn’t resist as the colours are so pretty and it has a nice sheen. I don’t however crochet but I am sure I can find something to knit with it. Gauge for knitting is 28 stitches, 36 rows on 3.75mm. Any suggestions?

No, but I’ve been eyeing it up, too.

I’d suggest going to the bernat website to see what patterns they’ve used the yarn for. Even if you don’t like any of them, it may give you more ideas of what it would be good for.


I made a bag with it once. I love it!

I made the dream swatch from it… I was going to go back and get some for a tank for my daughter but I never did… the colors are pretty…:happydance:

Thanks. The Bernat site only has 3 crochet patterns for that yarn. I will let you know if I find anything exciting. I may even try socks with it.