Bernat Bamboo

I saw this yarn in Michael’s over the weekend and it seemed so lovely and soft. I’d love to make a scarf out of it to go with my new winter coat. Has anybody ever used it? If so, how does it knit up? Does anybody have any pretty scarf patterns for it? I checked the Bernat website but wasn’t crazy about any of the patterns I found.


I have seen it, but not bought any of it. Are you on Ravelry? If so look it up and look at the comments. Everyone says it’s very soft and drapey (aka droopy which is normal with bamboo), but some said it splits and some said it sheds and some said it ‘worms’ which apparently means it bunches up along the main thread of the yarn.

I’m not sure shedding and drooping is a good feature in a coat, but if you knit it tighter than normal it might be okay.

Bamboo might not make a warm scarf if that’s a consideration…

I made a chemo cap for my dad last year, using it. It didn’t hold up at all. In fact it wound up in the trash… very disappointing.
It sagged and drooped and split and wormed (although, I didn’t know it was called worming).
I know it may not have been the best choice for a chemo cap. However, I wouldn’t make anything with it and expect it to hold it’s shape.
It was really soft though!

I think it needs to be knit at a tighter gauge than you’d think to prevent the sagging.

Thanks everybody. I’m not worried so much about it being warm (although it does get pretty cold here in the winter), just pretty :aww: . I saw the Linen color and I thought it would look nice against my new red coat, but the more I think about it, the coat is fleece, and I wouldn’t want any linen-colored fuzzies rubbing off on my coat. So, maybe I’ll try the Bernet Cashmere instead. It was also pretty soft, and it would probably be a lot more structured.


I have the bernat cashmere and it’s very nice. Just have to think what to do with it…

Hi all! I made scarves and hats sets from this. It is all of what you said, soft, but the quality didn’t seem very good. Wormy, splits, etc. HTH

I just bought enough for a sweater in charcoal. It’s been discontinued so if anyone wants it get it fast.

Wow! that was fast. No wonder I couldn’t fine any more of the color I have. I was thinking I might want another skein or two to make something besides a scarf.

Oh shoot… the casmere was on my ‘need to try’ list.
They should discontinue that horrible Denimstyle.

I think the bamboo would shed a lot on fleece.

My first sweater was out of Denimstyle and I liked it a lot. :shrug: The Bernat Cashmere is still around online for awhile.

Joanns has limited colors left.

I like denimstyle too. It just changes when you wash it…

Ahh. I guess that explains why it was so cheap. I won’t get back to Michael’s until Sunday, I hope they still have a few skeins in the right color. Crossed Fingers They certainly do seem to be discontinuing a lot. I hope they come out with some nice replacements.

I guess the upside of using the Cashmere instead of the Bamboo is that I can make the cabled scarf I’ve been wanting to make for a few years now. :slight_smile:

I don’t care for bamboo for socks at all. No matter how tightly it was knit, even on smaller needles, they drooped.

Probably going to give the two skeins away to the Goodwill, as I couldn’t sell them in good conscience.

Well you could sell or trade it, the yarn could be used for something other than socks - a hat or scarf…

True. I’ve actually been thinking about practicing ‘Clapotis’ on it, before I splurge on the yarn I really want.

huh… I made two sweaters with the denimstyle and they both pilled horribly. I’m glad it worked out better for you guys.

Thanks for the links!